P51-A Mustang N51Z

U.S. Army Air Corps
Serial #43-6006

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Dave Morss
43-6006 was build by North American Aviation at Inglewood CA under contract #AC-30479
issued June 23, 1942 by the United States Army Air Corps. This was the third aircraft in a
block of 100 built under factory serial #NA99-22109. Records indicate this aircraft was
accepted by the AAC at Mines Field (now Los Angeles International) April 3, 1943.

That same day, the aircraft left Los Angeles for Ladd Army Airfield in Alaska. Military
records indicate the aircraft stopped at Long Beach, Hill Field, Gore Field and Edmonton,
Canada among others on its' trip to Alaska.

February 18, 1944 with only 43 hours TT, this aircraft crashed 3 1/2 near Summit, AK in
heavy snow. The pilot, Lt. Edward W. Getter, was killed. The aircraft remained on the
mountain exposed to the weather with only occasional visits by local hunters, some who
inscribed their names and dates onto the engine valve covers.

In the fall of 1977, more than 33 years after the crash, a very determined Waldon Spillers,
with the help of some friends, removed the wreckage from the side of the mountain. It was
too steep even for helicopters. The aircraft remains were shipped to Ohio, where Waldon
rebuilt the aircraft. Working on it almost every day, Polar Bear flew again on July 3, 1985.

In the spring of 1995, with just over 100 flying hours since the rebuild, the aircraft was sold
to Jerry Gabe of Hollister, CA., the current owner.

The aircraft is powered by a twelve cylinder Allison V17110-111 engine and a Curtiss
Electric three-blade propeller. Some modern instruments are installed for safety of flight.
Excess armor plate was removed when not necessary for structural integrity. The real
guns were replaced with light weight replicas. The ammo bays in the wings are now used
for storage. Behind the pilot, a second seat was installed which did not exist in the original
aircraft. The original A model radiator for cooling was replaced with a D model for
improved safety. D model wings were re-skinned at rebuild to look like A type, again for

The aircraft is painted in 'flat' colors, similar to those used by the Army Air Corps, when the
aircraft was in service with the Cold Weather Test Detachment, Ladd Field Alaska,

This P51-A aircraft is all American Built. World wide registration records indicate four of
these type still exist. Three, including Polar Bear, are airworthy, one being rebuilt.
However, one or two more are thought to also exist, disassembled.

The Allison engine was built by a division of General Motors. It is the same type as used in
the P38, P40, P63 and some P82's, all American built fighters. Very few were used in the
P51 and only in the A model.

Polar Bear was flown twice in the National Championship Air Races at Reno. She flew in
the Unlimited Bronze Race finishing 2nd in 2005 and 1st in 2006. Dave Morss was the pilot
and Dick Borg, the crew chief.
Rebuild completed in May 1985, from wreck recovered from Alaska. D model wings, oil and
coolant radiators used for safety of flight. Second seat installed.

Licensed Experimental Exhibition. Passenger carrying permitted.

Conditional inspection due 9/01/08.

TTA prior to Alaska crash in 1944, 44 hours (from FAA records)
TTA since rebuild, 274 hours (6/08)
Harrison Coolant radiator, Griswold rebuilt May, 2006
Harrison Oil Radiator rebuilt Pacific Oil Cooler, May, 2006
Beaver Oil Radiator New, May 2006

Flat OD, Underside Flat Grey
Pain condition Good

Allison V1710-111
New engine dismantled and reassembled August, 2005 I/A/W T.O. AN02-5AB-3
TTSN 46.6 (6/08)
All engine accessories rebuilt. All engine wiring replaced with new manufacture product.
Alternator with solid state regulator. Electronics International EC-1 to monitor system.

Curtiss Electric, Three blad (89303-27W)
Model #C5320-F61 SMOH 274 HRS
Repaint and balance, 46 HRS

King KX155 with VOR/LOC
Narco 150 Transponder and ACK Encoder
Apollo 612 Loran
PS Engineering Intercom with vol/sq for pilot and rear seat. VOX or PTT operation
ACK ELT with remote annunciator installed in instrument panel
Allison V1710-85 Engine SMOH 228 HRS Complete with all accessories less prop
governor and hydraulic pump. Includes Nose Case, log book & military records.
Operational and airworthy when removed from this aircraft in July 2005. Includes engine

Original North American P51-A Maintenance manual (Report #NA5629)
Original Allison Pilots manual
Original AAF Pilot check list
Spare NOS Curtiss blade prop seal set
Spare NOS Curtiss prop brush block assembly with brushes
Spare NOS Curtiss carbon brushes (complete set)
Spare Curtiss prop motor (could be NOS)
Spare Curtiss prop clamps with bolts. Need inspection.
Spare Curtiss commutator (for parts)
Spare Curtiss Prop governor (removed was airworthy)
Spare lot of original airworthy ignition harness parts
Spare overhauled by Savage, Magneto for V1710-11 engine
Hydraulic adapters for Mule to facilitate gear swing and flap check without operating system
New set +1 (25) Champion fine wire spark plugs, REB-36S
New NOS complete set of brake discs and stators
New NOS fuel pump (should be O/H before use)
New NOS oil door motor and temp probe.
Special thanks to Dan Whitney for
the photographs of Polar Bear.
Polar Bear