Lancair IV

    “In the last 2 months we have now flown the aircraft to
    Oshkosh and on many other flights. At our factory in
    Redmond, OR, which is at 3,100’ MSL, one can expect
    to see climb rates around 4000’/min at 200 KIAS all the
    way up to the flight levels!” said company pilot, Grant
    Bailey. At FL240 the aircraft cruises around 330
    KTAS, however, we expect 340 KTAS with future

    “Along with many new sales inspired by the new turbine,
    current customers are lining up to convert their Lancair
    IV/IV-P aircraft to the turbine engine,” said Sales
    Manager Orin Riddell.

    The turbine option for the Lancair IV/IV-P will include a
    modified firewall, an engine mount, and carbon fiber
    cowling. For new kits this option is available for
    $7,500.00; however, current customers can retrofit their
    standard firewall and order the turbine package for

    “We are offering rebuilt Walter 601E turbines for
    $84,000, with a TBO of 2000 hours. Currently we are
    using a prototype 82” 3-blade Hartzell propeller;
    however, an 84” propeller from AVIA will also be
    available,” said Riddell.

    Founded in 1984 by Lance Neibauer, Lancair has
    become one of the most successful kit manufacturers in
    the world. The company manufactures the world’s
    fastest piston-driven aircraft, and holds several world
    speed records as well as championships in most major
    cross-country air races. For more information contact
    Neico Aviation Inc. at 541-923-2244 or visit www.lancair.