Dave competed in his 35th year at the National
Championship Air Races in Reno. Check out our
2015 Race Report and Reno 2015 video

Dave enjoyed his annual visit to Oshkosh, one of his
favorite places since his first visit in 1979.

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Dave's flying Memphis Belle for the
Liberty Foundation

EAA Sport Aviation March 2011 Dave Morss

Discovery Channel previews Rocket Racers (clip 2)

Morss Interview by Robert Jones   Racing at Reno New!

Reno Race Videos

Listen to AeroNews net interview with Dave

What's new with Dave:  
Work In Progress

    One of aviation's top test pilots, Dave holds ATP, AMEL, Learjet,
    B25, B17, GTBM, CE510S, Commercial ASELS, RH, G, Flight
    Instructor ASMEGI, A&P, DAR, EAE, Flight Engineer Turbojet
    certificates. Dave has over 27,000 hours in over 300 types of
    aircraft including 40 prototypes.

    Dave is qualified to give checkrides in the following AEA aircraft:
    AV-L29, AV-L39, BF109, BL-P39, BL-63, CHV-F4U, CU-P40,
    CU-SB2C, DC-AD1, FW190, G-F4F, G-F6F, G-F7F, G-F8F,
    H-FB-11, H-HURC, JU-52, -211, MI-A6M, N-P51, N-T28, Provost,
    R-P47, S-211, Spitfir, YAK-3/11

 Type Ratings for the G-TBM, N-B25 and B-17
Click here for YouTube video

Discovery Channel previews
Rocket Racers
(clip 2)
Watch the Rocket Racers at the Tulsa Air & Rocket Show
Live 4/24 Saturday 12C Webcast by Livestream  
Dave got to help with an aviation myth!
Special thanks to Mythbusters for including Dave on their team.

Dave flew the S51 Stewart Mustang in
Sport Class winning the Bronze!
Check out our Race Video and Race

Dave qualified the Stewart Mustang
S51 at 246.552 and won the Bronze on
Saturday and Sunday with a race
speed of 228.